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How Does It Work?


Here at Comfy Creatures I offer a free meet and greet service. This is great for pets I have never met before. It is not usually neccessary to visit pets that are already known to me. Visiting you and your pet at home before you go away allows me to befriend your pet, familarise myself with their surroundings and discuss your needs in order that I can fully understand your requirements. If after this you are happy to make a booking I will take some contact details from you as well as booking your visits in.


I will complete a New Client Form which will ask about details of your pet (age, medical history, etc). I will also need the details of a local keyholder in case there are any problems with your property while you are away and contact telephone numbers for you. I will also take details of your veterinary surgery in case your pet requires medical attention while you are away.


I will require a set of house keys before you go away to obtain entry into your property. I will also require details of another keyholder in case there are any problems with my set of keys whilst you are away.

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